Side by side Comparison: Depositphotos vs Fotolia

Stock photo agencies collectively offer customers an almost infinite number of stock photos and other content with more still being continually added every day. They provide customers the content they need without the fear of violating copyright laws that could be more than a handful to bother for most clients.

Original content is a commodity valued in e-commerce or in any other business and in able to be stress and worry free from all that hassle, this is where the stock photo firms come in.

Depositphotos is among the popular stock photo agencies that are popular to both customers and contributors because they update their features regularly and they offer contributors the opportunity to sell their photos which other stock agency companies do not.

Fotolia is another popular agency that has streamlined their services into a social marketplace. They have expanded internationally and features different languages for their website to cater to a variety of clients.

The following comparison will give insights between Depositphotos vs Fotolia as well as each of their features and advantages over the other.

Depositphotos vs Fotolia Customer Feedback

  • Depositphotos – highly positive response from the customers who acknowledged their image quantity as well as quality, the user-friendly interface of their website, and their pricing. Customers are satisfied with the amount of content that caters for all kinds of small-scale projects to big commercial projects. Equipped with the ability to upload their own original images and sell them, contributors continue to provide customers with more selection every day. Furthermore, the agency makes it easy for these contributors thus explaining a steady influx of content that keeps rolling in daily.

Review Rating: 4/5

  • Fotolia – aside from image and file buying, they also support use of purchased files by their members. They extend their services beyond that of a normal stock photo agency and they even provide the tools for successful use of their images. Their website can also be accessed in 23 different languages. With their partnership with Adobe, the vibrant and video marketplace will now be a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, thus making Fotolia an online agora that caters to both entry level and professional creative collections.

Review Rating: 4/5

Depositphotos vs Fotolia User Interface

  • Depositphotos – very user-friendly and clean without relying too much on their home page to showcase their features. Easy to navigate and sections are organized into many specific categories. Their website can be accessed in more than 15 languages.

Review Rating: 4/5

  • Fotolia – Home page showcases deals to newcomers and current subscribers a like, enticing them with monthly packs. They also feature best seller, free images, and new files searches. Unlike other stock photo agency sites, their account registration and offer to newcomers are easier to notice and that could have a minimal, but striking impact when convincing potential clients.

Review Rating: 5/5

Image viewing and descriptions

  • Depositphotos – direct-to-the-point pricing information but less information regarding the contributor or his/her portfolio. The redeem features are the featured “Similar Images” and “With the same Model” shown below the chosen image on check out.

Review Rating: 4/5

  • Fotolia – more details on both the image and the contributor, showcased in the Pricing, Information, and Description tab beside the chose image on check out.

Review Rating: 4/5



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